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Give Yourself Permission to Play!



Discover what truly turns you on, move from lost to lust, and illuminate the love for your passions by loving, learning, laughing, and living your legacy.

About could express your creativity and passions without fear of shame or judgement. could help others and live in total abundance and love. could attract more brilliance into your relationships, just by taking the time to dive into yourself.

…you were able to live and give wholeheartedly and get support and community without fear of shame, blame, or judgement. were able to have a reliable tool kit ready, when dark times hit. were able to become illuminated and confident in your brilliance. were able to express yourself through movement, laughter, and creative arts. were able to lean into your vulnerability and hold onto others when needed. were able to finally stop always putting yourself AFTER other people and take quality time for yourself. had a community available for whenever you feel “stuck” in your life. never had to feel lost again with the community support at your side.



is your Roadmap to rediscover your brilliance and more...



The Road To Illuminating You and Rediscovering the Fun, Fab, Frisky 

Have you ever felt lost? Filled with questions:  What do you want? Where do you go? What is your purpose? How do you live your life to leave a legacy?


My favorite doctor, Dr. Seuss, put it into words:

"Sometimes the questions are complicated... and the answers are simple."

Illuminate YOU ...

helps you rediscover what really turns you on through creative expression, self-reflection, laughter, love, and playtime. 


Regardless of your past experiences, dark times, or life challenges, chaos, and even catastrophe...Illuminate YOU is here to give you the roadmap to:

Illuminate more of what turns you on in your life.

Immersing in an unforgettable experience.

Living and Giving in your Illuminated abundance. 

Beyond all of this, we’re here to show you the how, when, where, and why of turning lost to lust. 


When you join the tribe, you’ll be immersed into a supportive community of other women who are here to grow, play, learn, love, and contribute.



I am so energized by the whole experience and the women that I met...I am leaving wanting MORE!


This was a wonderful combination of mind and heart so we could think and feel a great experience!


Jennifer is amazing. The whole crew she put together really brought everything to the forefront and made me leave feeling Illuminated!


You'll learn absolutely EVERYTHING you need to know...

to rediscover the FUN, FAB, FRISKY you.

Each aspect of the community journeys you through the map of rediscovery + expression to give you the tools to navigate the times of darkness with ease.

Take the time for YOU

& enhance your voice of resilience.

Illuminate YOU is the perfect blend of LEARNING EDUCATION, CREATIVITY, EXPRESSION, SENSUALITY & FUN…. well...mostly fun!

And that’s why we are the #1 women’s event to inspire, evolve, and illuminate women for all life experiences.

Meet the Founder

Hop in my 

 Pink Cadillac!

You’ve scrolled allllll the way to the bottom of this page, which means… you’re probably wondering “who is the face that put this thing together?”

I am Jennifer Carroll. I am a dynamic storyteller and award-winning speaker who inspires those who feel lost to rediscover their passion and direction in life. As a former Canadian TV news reporter, fashion manager, pageant winner, and on-camera host, I understands what it's like to live a life different than the one everyone sees.


I married a successful entrepreneur and raised two amazing kids, only to lose my husband tragically to prostate cancer when he was just 52. I am the author of Beyond Invincible, a book honoring my late husband, Phil, sharing the Phil-osophies we learned about Living Large and Living to Give.


It was through my journey of loss that led me to become a voice of resilience and rediscovery. 


As a woman who has experienced loss, I persevered the darkness with three simple values: guidance, giving, and gratitude. Illuminating what it takes to live a pro-active life and to give with brilliance.

Illuminate YOU Happy Hours are happening NOW

Join to the tribe for details 

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