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Is your business your boss? Stuck in the mindset that more work equals more success? What if the secret formula to the life you’ve always wanted and true fulfillment was less work and more play?

Enter Jennifer Carroll, the undeniable 'play' savant of our times. Known for transforming people with her unique approach, she doesn't just promote a more joyful atmosphere, she practically infuses it into the DNA of your soul.

In her latest book, Permission to Play, Jennifer lays bare the game-changing answer to work-life balance conundrums all entrepreneurs face:


Yes, it's not just about surviving the day; it's about thriving in every moment. You're not only allowed but encouraged to let joy and fun become a regular part of your everyday routine. 

In the hands of Jennifer Carroll, work doesn't just become fun; it turns into a festival of creativity and fulfillment that sparks every individual, lifting not only your spirit, but everyone you come into contact with. She doesn't just bring change - she brings a carnival of joy, a true revolution of play.

It's time to stop taking it all so seriously! None of us are getting out of this alive. 

Begin by sharing your playful moments with us. Submit pictures of your playtime, be it a shared laugh, a fun night out with friends, or even your desk adorned with your favorite toys. Your snapshots of joy could earn a spotlight on Jennifer's social platforms and even win you exciting prizes (stay tuned!). 

Embrace your playful spirit. Work can wait, but joy should never be delayed. Remember, Jennifer Carroll, the ultimate play guru, is only a click away.


If you're seeking further evidence of Jennifer's life-changing reach, her captivating speaker reel is a must-see.

Are you ready to ignite the spark of joy and productivity in your life? With Jennifer Carroll's transformative book, Permission to Play, you are about to embark on an unforgettable journey that fuses work with play, productivity with creativity, and life with pure, unadulterated joy.


When you immerse yourself in this game-changing book, here's what's in store for you:


  • You will unearth your true passions and discover what truly exhilarates and excites you.

  • You will seize control of your time, shattering the illusion that nonstop work is the only path to success.

  • Through powerful, real-life stories, you will learn from high-level entrepreneurs who've prioritized play and reaped astonishing success.

  • You will reconnect with your healthy, childhood spirit, rekindling a love for life and work that is rooted in fun and freedom.

  • You are set to discover the daily practices that will amplify your 'fun factor' every single day.

  • You will identify your personal 'playmates', 'playgrounds', and 'play prompts' that make every day a festival of joy and fulfillment.


Jennifer realized people don’t just need Permission to Play, having a gameplan is key! You're not just reading a book, you're kickstarting a joyful revolution - a new way of living and working that promises to blend love, laughter, success, and a legacy of living out loud.


Buy your copy today and step into a world where you play more, make more, and live more. It's not just about the destination; it's about the joyful journey that gets you there. Make sure to get copies for your team, family and friends too!


You're not just giving them a book, you're gifting them an adventure of a lifetime…


“One of the important lessons I teach entrepreneurs is to build an E.L.F. (Easy, Lucrative, & Fun) Business and Life. And FUN is just as important as easy and lucrative. In her new book, Permission to Play, Jennifer walks you through how to experience more fun, joy, and play in every day. Jennifer’s story will hopefully impact you as much as it has impacted thousands of other people. If you want more fun and play in your life, read Jennifer’s book!”

- Joe Polish, Founder, Genius Network


Verne Harnish

Founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and magician

Jennifer has written one of the most beautifully simple and powerful books any entrepreneur or person will ever read. We often joke that entrepreneurs would rather work 16 hours a day for themselves vs 8 hours for someone else—and soon it’s no longer a joke. Please give yourself permission to play before it’s too late! Thank you, Jennifer, for this most profound gift to all of us.

Denise Gosnell

Permission to Play by Jennifer Carroll is a compelling call to reclaim the joy and imagination of our childhood. It's a guide to living a life filled with fun, creativity, and purpose. I also know Jennifer personally and she fully embodies these principles, with her pink Cadillac and a personality that lights up a room. If you’re looking to bring more joy and meaning into your life, this short book is exactly what you need.

Renie Cavallari

Want to know the secret of life? In her new and truly original book, Permission to Play, Jennifer Carroll helps us embrace the power of play and, more importantly, its impact in our lives. We all wear many “hats” and most of us find ourselves at the bottom of our never-ending to-do list, yearning for more fun and less stress. Jennifer turns that list upside down and helps us see that our real power comes in our intentional decision to make time to play and not feel guilty about it!

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About the Author

Jennifer Carroll, an intellectual powerhouse and humorist at heart, is a beacon of light in the world of 'play'. Once gracing the Canadian television screens as a dynamic news reporter and host, she seamlessly transitioned into the role of a celebrated children's series author and the brains behind the profound work: "Beyond Invincible: Live Large, Live Long, and Leave a Profound Legacy."


Having traveled to over 60 countries, her global reach reflected through her appearances on international stages, underscores her mission to advocate for proactive health, value-based living, and the transformational power of play. Jennifer doesn't just talk about living a meaningful legacy – she inspires others to live it every day, all wrapped in a package of infectious fun and joy.


Life threw a devastating curveball at Jennifer, with the tragic loss of her husband Phil to prostate cancer at the age of 52. But, displaying remarkable resilience, she transformed her grief into a springboard for growth and rediscovery. Her journey led to the birth of 'Illuminate You', a flourishing enterprise where she not only hosts thrilling events and adventures, but also grants people the Permission to Play! 


Jennifer's ultimate aim? To help individuals reconnect with their Fun, Fab, and Frisky selves, thereby lighting the path to a more fulfilled and joyous life.


Now residing in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her faithful companion, Dill the dog, Jennifer continues to spread joy and inspiration, proving every day that play isn't just for kids - it's a powerful tool for transformation, no matter your age or stage in life.

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